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How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 Computer

  How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 Computer Whether you are looking to speed up an older computer with Windows 10 installed or gain some extra power in the computer you are using now, this post will be useful to you. Just follow these steps and enjoy the boosted performance.  These tips and tricks were designed to help you speed up your computer without buying any extra software or parts, upgrading your system's hardware components is always another great way to get added performance out of your computer. Set Internet Connection to Metered Connection Downloading updates in the background can have impactful results on the speed and performance of your computer. One simple way to reduce that impact is to set your internet connection to Metered. Just follow these steps to perform this change. From the Settings home screen -Go to Network and Internet -Select Ethernet or Wi-Fi, depending on your internet connection -Click on the network you are connecting to -Scroll down to Metered conne