Spooky Halloween Tech Decorations in 2020 - Updated September

Halloween is coming up and along with that is all the fun of getting to setup your Halloween decorations to scare trick-or-treaters or get more head turns than your neighbors do. Along with the fun of decorating, comes stress of having to choose what to put up, whats still working and needing replaced, or what you want to add to your already awesome collection of Halloween decor. Sit back and get ready to be put in a Halloween mood after reading this list of Spooky Halloween Tech Decorations in 2020.

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Here is my list of some of the best tech Halloween decorations in 2020 - Updated September 2020

Decorating for Halloween has been something that I've always looked forward to every year, even as a kid. I remember being really young and turning my room into a spooky haunted cove every year that would probably keep most kids awake at night. Whether you like a lot of scary or a little scary we can all agree that Halloween is a magical time of year. Read the review below on some of the best Halloween tech decorations in 2020.

Undead Crawling Hand

This cool Halloween tech gadget is a lot of fun and reminds me a bit of Thing T. Thing from the Adams Family. The Undead Crawling Hand is an animated prop that is battery-operated and moves on its own. On top
 of moving around it also emits spooky noises to really add a creepy feel. I know my cats would really get a kick out of this one. Have two cats? Get two Undead Crawling Hands...

     Retail Price - $29.00

Purchase the Undead Crawling Hand here

Animated Pumpkin Figure

I love the Monster Mash, especially around Halloween time. This Animated Pumpkin Figure is sound activated to play the "Monster Mash" song on command. Along with the audio feature, the Animated Pumpkin has three changing face light expressions to add a lively feel.