Twelve Tech Savvy Camping Gadgets in 2020

 Camping is a great way to get away from everything and relax. Some of my best memories are of exploring the wilderness of deep wooded forests or sitting around a campfire listing to good music with great friends and family. There is also a chance you are just on this page because you have a family camping trip coming up and you aren't sure what to pack and plan for. Well this article can help you choose the right tech that will put your mind at ease and help you enjoy the outdoors during your time spent with nature.

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My list of the best camping tech to have in 2020

There are a lot of cool camping gadgets out there and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of whats the best and what everything does. This list of camping tech gadgets will hopefully help you have a better understanding of the best tech gadgets available for camping in 2020.

YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

This chair is pretty much a must have for anyone doing long hikes that might require making a quick camp to rest, relax, and have a drink. The YETI Trailhead Camp Chair is durable and very portable with its easy folding and design. The Fabric is made from ultra-supportive FlexGrid for comfort and can hold up to 500 pounds. This awesome camping chair comes with a carry bag and cupholder and won't fade or breakdown from UV lights.

     Retail Price - $299.99

Purchase the YETI Trailhead Camp Chair here

LED Outdoor Flashlight Gloves

These gloves will come in handy... no pun intended. But really these gloves are pretty cool LED flashlight gloves, they have a one size fit all adjustable strap and they are water resistant. The gloves come with batteries and are ready to go, if you need to replace the batteries in them it is easy to do and they come with a screwdriver for the replacement.