11 Awesome Golf Tech Items In 2020

Maybe you are looking to buy a gift for an avid golfer. Maybe you are wanting to pickup a new gadget that will improve your golf game. Or maybe you are just looking to read about the new tech gear that's out in the golf world and how it could improve your golf game.

If you know me at all then you know that I love golf and I love technology, they kind of go hand and hand... right? Well anyways I think there are some pretty awesome gadgets and tech being made for golf and I wanted to do my best to review and share whats out there. Hope you enjoy!

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Golf Tech To Use On And Off The Course

Take any of these tech items either on or off the course to improve your overall game and enjoy your round a little easier. The game of golf has changed a lot over the years and its important to keep up with golf technology. Some of these items are designed to improve and practice your game either at home or on the course and some of these tech gadgets are for making your round of golf better and more practical. 


Lets kick things off with a free piece of golf technology, there is a paid version but you can definitely use this app for free and get some great use from it. I actually use this app about every time I play golf, I've tried a few different golf apps but this one works the best for my phone and apple watch. The yard from where you are standing to the green shows up directly on your watch and phone. You will have an accurate read on the distance to the green before guys with Rangefinders, and hills won't stop you. I Primarily use this app for its apple watch functionality but it can work just on your smart phone also. Some of the features Golfshot provides are...
  • Real-time GPS Distance to the green, hazards, and targets on over 40,000 courses worldwide. (I've never played a course that I've had trouble loading)
  • Score and statistics tracking
  • Golfscape AR - pretty much a unique way to look over the entire distance of the hole
  • Handicap tracking - If you purchase or have a GHIN number you can link it to golfshot and uploading your scores from the app
  • Voice Assistant - If you are using your phone for Golfshot you can keep it in your pocket and listen to the distances instead of view them which could come in handy.

golf shot app, golf app, golf tracking     Retail Price - Free   |     Pro Version - $39.99/Year

Download Golfshot here

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator

Phigolf is a golf simulator that doesn't require nets or golf balls to use. Included is a swing trainer that is pretty much a club with a ball attached at the end and works with the Phigolf system. If you are wanting to get some practice in or its a rainy day and you were looking forward to playing golf, then the Phigolf Smart Simulator is a great piece of tech to pickup.

You can play the Phigolf Mobile simulator on any android or apple device and stream it to a larger TV. There are 24 additional World Golf Tour courses you can play for a $1.99 subscription fee.