The Best Tech for Kids in 2021

 Adults aren't the only ones who can benefit from technology. There are a ton of new devices and tech out there designed to help children not only learn quicker but to learn more than we would normally have access to. To be fair, all things need to be taken in moderation, and that includes play time with cool new toys and gadgets for the kids. That being said, technology can be a great escape for many of us while growing up and we should never deprive the new generations from a chance to experience what great things we can do with technology. 

Best Technology for Kids in 2021

My List of The Best Tech For Kids in 2021

One of my best memories growing up was when my parents bought the Nintendo 64 with "Zelda the Ocarina of Time". I faked sick that day to stay home from school so I could play this awesome new game. Little did I know that my dad would actually be home that day testing out the new console while playing that very game I so desperately wanted to try out. Lets just say my plan was foiled. What I do remember is the amazing experience of seeing this revolutionary game that changed my childhood. Technology has come a long way since I was a kid but we can still give our kids that same experience of amazement with a new toy or tech gadget. I've done my best to compile a list of the best tech for kids in 2021 below. 

Easy Kid-Friendly Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Lets start the list off with an awesome tablet made by Amazon. The Fire 7 has a 7 inch display, 16GB of memory and a kid friendly case to prevent damage to the tablet. If your look for a device that can give your kid hours of entertainment and access learning courses/apps then the Fire 7 might be a great choice for your kids next birthday gift. There is a 2-year warranty included with the purchase to show how committed Amazon is to their device.

Amazon Fire 7 for Kids     Retail Price - $99.99

Purchase the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet here

Baby Sleep Aid

The SleepyMe smart sleep soother is a great white noise maker and start projector. That's right, a two in one tech device that will help your baby get to sleep so you can get some sleep yourself. This smart sleeper is easily adjustable and has multiple sound and look settings to fit your room perfectly. It would always be a pretty sight to see when you walk into your baby's room at night and see the peaceful starry scene this smart sleeper can provide. 

Smart Sleep Soother with Projector and Duck     Retail Price - $39.95

Purchase the SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother here

Easy Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

This baby monitor is an awesome piece of technology with an easy to use wall mount to give you a more over the top look at your child. With the Nanit Plus smart monitor you will get crystal clear HD view and sound to your mobile device. You can even speak to your baby with the two way audio to hopefully keep you from having to get up every time through the night.

Easy smart baby monitor camera and speaker     Retail Price - $234.99

Purhcase the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount here

Remote Stunt Car for Kids

tech rc RC Stunt Car and remote control for Kids

Here is an awesome toy made for kids a little older, and the occasional parent who wants to test it out for themselves. This high speed remote control car can spin 360 degrees and has an easy to operate remote control that allows for great maneuverability. The plastic is made durable to prevent breaking and has rechargeable batteries through a USB port.  

RC Stun Car and Remote Control     Retail Price - $22.99

Purchase the tech rc RC Stun Car and remote control for Kids here

Fun Kid Walkie Talkies

Dragon Touch Walkie Talkies with Camera

These walkie talkies pass up the ones I remember using growing up. Not only do they have 1080p digital video but they have a MP3 player, flashlight, built-in games, fun photo filters, photo booth effects, and more. This awesome tech device is a good way for your kids to stay in touch with their siblings or their friends, plus a fun toy for them to play with.

Kid friendly walkie talkies with touch screen     Retail Price - $49.99

Purchase the Dragon Touch Walkie Talkies with Camera here

Easy to Use HD Camera

Lincorn Tech Digital Camera with LCD Screen for Kids

Another great memory of mine growing up was taking photos with the old disposable cameras and then getting the film developed. The Lincorn digital camera is a great way to get that same experience without needing to get anything developed or uploaded since you can view the image right away on the large LCD screen. The camera is small and lightweight making it easy for kids to carry around or fit into pockets. A great way for your kids to capture moments on family vacations or any other special moment.

HD Digital Camera for Kids and easy to use     Retail Price - $39.99

Purchase the Lincorn Tech Digital Camera with LCD Screen for Kids here

Learning VR Headest for Kids

Professor Maxwell's VR Universe Learning Activity Set

With this learning VR headset you can go into the depths of space and time with an 80 page interactive book. This kit lets you explore the science behind our planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and more. The learning experience is fun for kids and provides the prime opportunity to absorb information across various channels and mediums ensuring improved retention and knowledge. This techy-kit is truly awesome and would brighten up any kids day.

VR Interactive headset for learning and fun     Retail Price - $49.99

Purchase the Professor Maxwell's VR Universe Learning Activity Set here

Fun VR Headset for Kids

DESTEK VR Headset for Kids

This VR headset for kids has a protective blue light to keep eyes sharp and away from harm while still using the virtual reality device.  The device has an easy setup by just downloading the VR app and placing the phone inside of the headset. Always make sure your phone is compatible before buying.

Kid friendly VR headset for fun     Retail Price - $33.99

Purchase the DESTEK VR Headset for Kids here

Smart Sleeping Baby Bassinet

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet with Auto Rocking motions and Soothing White Noise

This smart sleeping bassinet and crib really takes baby tech to the next level. This amazing product will automatically responds to cries and fussing by engaging its self-rocking technique that gradually gets strong along with emitting a white noise sound. The SNOO Smart Sleeper includes an easy to use smart app that logs sleep and naps plus gives you and easy way to adjust its settings. Give you and your baby the gift of more sleep by investing in the SNOO smart sleeper.

Baby Smart Crib Sleeper     Retail Price - $1,395.00

Purchase the SNOO Smart Sleeper for Babies here

Fun Microphone for Kids

TECBOSS Karaoke Microphone for Kids

Kids love to sing, and that's a fact. This awesome microphone lets you enjoy karaoke anywhere and anytime with its wireless capabilities. Its connected via Bluetooth and includes a microSD to record and play audio from anywhere. LED lights will flash from the microphone as you enjoy singing your favorite tunes with this karaoke microphone. 

Fun Karaoke Microphone for Kids     Retail Price - $22.99

Purchase the TECBOSS Karaoke Microphone for Kids here

Nice White Noise Sound Machine

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine with a Baby Night Light

This modern looking sound machine is perfect for really anyone but especially babies and children to help get to sleep. Included with the sound machine are high fidelity sounds, timer and memory feature, and a night light for sleeping.

Nice White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light     Retail Price - $35.99

Purchase the Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine with a Baby Night Light here

Fun RC Robot Toy

Cradream RC Robot Toy for Kids

This great piece of kid-friendly tech would make a perfect gift for a birthday or to brighten up someone's day. You can use a remote control or gesture to control this smart robot toy. It can simply move forward, backward, left and right by gesture. This robot has many features like patrolling your house and speaking its own mechanical robot language.  

Blue robot toy with remote for kids     Retail Price - $23.00

Purchase the Cradream RC Robot Toy for Kids here

Toy Smart Watch

Kids Educational Smart Watch

This kids smartwatch contains eleven functions, including an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, reminders, sound recording, photo taking, mini games, and more. This is a great educational children smartwatch to take photos and videos with which will have your kid feeling like a spy in no time.

Pink Smart Watch for Kids with Camera     Retail Price - $31.99

Purchase the Kids Educational Smart Watch here

Fun LED Mini Drone

Force1 UFO 4000 LED Mini Drone for Kids

This is a very cool remote control drone for kids with LED lights. Its easy to fly and has an easy controller with joystick and directional controls. This small drone features durable propeller guards lined with LED lights that look awesome while flying. You can use this drone indoors or outdoors.

Kid friendly LED Mini drone with lights     Retail Price - $36.95

Purchase the Force1 UFO 4000 LED Mini Drone for Kids here


We are always going to find entertainment and everyday uses with technology. The important part about getting your kids accustomed to using tech devices is just always keeping safe and making sure your child is in the appropriate age range for the gadget they are using. Let me know what you think about the article and if you have any questions by posting a comment below!

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