10 Best Holiday Tech Gift Ideas In 2020

 Its the best time of year... or maybe the worst time of year. Either way, the Holidays are coming up and one complicated task on the todo list is to pick out gifts for all your tech-savvy friends and relatives. I know I am a pretty picky gift recipient which often helps me choose some awesome gifts to give out to close ones, and I also know this takes a lot of time and can cause some overthinking. Don't worry, I've put together a list of  awesome tech gift ideas all in one place to help with your Holiday shopping needs.

Best Gift ideas for the holiday

My List of the 10 Best Holiday Tech Gift Ideas in 2020

All-New Alexa Echo Dot With Alarm Clock

If you are like me or pretty much everyone else, you have an Alexa in your home already. This new 4th Gen Alexa is unique because it displays the time like an actual alarm clock which would be perfect for a any bedroom. Give the gift of playing relaxing sounds like rain drops, ocean waves, wind rustling leaves in trees or some calming music to help sleep through the night. This awesome tech gadget will be released November 4th and will be a great upgrade to any bedroom.

Retail Price - $59.99

Purchase the Alexa Echo Dog with Alarm Clock here

Phone Soap 3 UV Smart Phone Sanitizer and Charger

This has been a strange year to say the least, this awesome tech gift is a sanitizer for your phone, keys, headphones, and pretty much anything that fits. Did I mention it also charges your phone? This awesome tech gadget has been seen on shark tank and is an awesome gift for anyone after the year we've had. No matter your views, who can argue about having a great way to disinfect your everyday items?

Retail Price - $79.95

Purchase the Phone Soap 3 UV Smart Phone Sanitizer and Charger here

Upgrade Bluetooth Beanie With Headphones

Alright, this tech gift is pretty cool. Long gone are the days of wearing clunky earbuds that you somehow have to keep connected with a cord plugged into an audio device while you ride down a mountain. This tech gadget would be the perfect gift for just about anyone especially with cold weather approaching. With great reviews, good battery life, and loud speakers, you don't leave much room for negative feedback while giving this to someone.

Retail Price - $25.91

Purchase the Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones here

OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Being a golfer, I know I would love to receive this tech gadget as a gift. Not only is it good for golf but it would be good for any outdoor activity that's done in the colder months like hunting, hiking, kayaking, etc. With a rechargeable battery and USB cord for convenience, this gift would be great to buy for just about anybody. 

Retail Price - $25.99

Purchase the OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers here

Weather Predicting Storm Glass

This is a really cool piece of tech d├ęcor that would be a for sure conversation starter with anyone who passes by it. This glass is meant to predict the different weather forecasts using chemicals inside of it. The storm glass can predict the weather in the following manner.

1. The Liquid is clear: sunny and bright
2. There are crystals at the bottom: thick air, frost
3. The liquid is dim with small stars: thunderstorms
4. There are large flakes: heavy air, overcast and snow during the winter
5. Crystal threads form on the upper part of the liquid: windy weather
6. There are small dots: fog, damp weather
7. Flakes rise and remain at the top: wind in the upper air regions
8. There are small stars: during a sunny winter day, it will snow in one or two days
9. The higher the crystals rise, the colder it will be during the winter

Retail Price - $39.99

Purchase The Weather Predicting Storm Glass here

Smart Phone Charging Bracelet

With this Smart Phone Charging Bracelet, you won't have to worry about your low battery on your phone again. This bracelet is available in golf, rose gold, silver, and matte black. The charging bracelet holds a charge for about 30 days and can charge your phone to 50% battery in 40 minutes. I know quite a few people would would enjoy this as a gift.

Retail Price - $99

Purchase the Smart Phone Charging Bracelet here

USB Mini Fan With Light Up LED Time

This is a nifty little tech gadget that you could give to anyone. This is a simple light up clock that happens to be a fan and you plug it into your computer which gives off a very cool tech-savvy vibe. I know as well as anyone how many hours can be spent behind a keyboard, this nifty light up fan/clock could be a useful tool when putting in those long hours. Also a great stocking stuffer!


Retail Price - $16.95

Purchase the USB Mini Fan With Light Up LED Time here

Bluetooth Wireless Sleep Headphones

Here is another great find if you are shopping around for a casual gift to give someone or for a little gift for yourself. These wireless Bluetooth sleep headphones completely cover your eyes so you can sleep soundly and hooks up to any Bluetooth audio device. These great headphones are designed with a breathable fabric for comfort while you sleep and premium speakers for all your listening needs.

Retail Price - $22.59

Purchase the Bluetooth Wireless Sleep Headphones here

Toilet Bowl Motion Sensor LED Nightlight

This company claims to put the "Fun" in "Functional" which appears to be so when looking over this cool tech gadget that would make a great gift. Have you ever needed to use the restroom late at night and didn't want to disturb your partner or blind yourself with overbearing lights? This night light that goes in your toilet bowl would be perfect, with a great motion sensor that turns on the LED light automatically, you won't have to worry about viewability in the restroom again.

Retail Price - $12.95

Purchase the Toilet Bowl Motion Sensor LED Nightlight here

TakeFlight Tactical Pen

This is a very useful tech gadget if you are looking to give someone (or yourself) something they could use in an emergency situation. What could be better than gifting someone something that could potentially save their lives or come in handy in a dire need? The TakeFlight Tactical Pen has the following awesome features.

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Glass Breaker Tip
  • LED Tactical Flashlight
  • Bottle Opener
  • 2 x Extra Refillable Ink Cartridges
  • Extra Flashlight Battery

Retail Price - $25.99

Purchase the TakeFlight Tactical Pen here


There are a lot of gift ideas to give someone in the year 2020 but I hope this list has made it a little easier to get some ideas to brighten someone's day with a Holiday gift. 

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